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Zucchini and corn fritters, mushroom, beetroot, avocado and tomato relish. All burgers are served with Brioche bun and Chips.

Life is too short to miss out on burgers. And what better place to try a vegan burger stuffed with yummy zucchini and corn fritters than at Chathly's Kitchen? Customize your vegan burger meal as per your taste. Whether you like your burger with a veggie patty, or pumpkin, or maybe mushroom and beetroot, our chefs take personal recommendations into account and prepare burgers that would melt in your mouth as soon as you take the first bite. Search for “burgers near me” and order the best vegan burger from Chathly's Kitchen. You would also get to relish brioche bun and chips on the side of the burger for a wholesome experience. So what are you waiting for? Head to Google, and type “burgers near me” to order the best burger in town.

A takeout from Chathly's Kitchen and a Netflix original is all you would need to make your evening perfect after a long day at work. Suppose you’re not in the mood to cook, order sandwiches and burgers from our website and enjoy a serene evening. You could also order cocktails from our restaurant. Check out our menu and choose from a wide range of food and beverages.
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