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When it comes to food trends, Australia is always ahead of the curve. From new, innovative recipes to the latest in health food, Australians are always looking for the next big thing regarding what they are eating. The year 2022 is no different, with plenty of new and exciting trends emerging in Australia.

Here are some of the top food trends you can expect to see in Australia in 2022:

Plant-based eating

Plant-based eating is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and 2022 is the year it takes off. Plant-based diets are healthier and more sustainable than traditional diets, and they are becoming increasingly accessible to everyone. Plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs are becoming increasingly popular, and more restaurants are offering vegan and vegetarian options.

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Sustainable food

Sustainable food is also becoming increasingly popular in Australia. As people become more conscious of their environmental impact, sustainable food is becoming more accessible and popular. Sustainable food focuses on using seasonal, local produce and reducing environmental waste.

Innovative recipes

Australians always look for new and innovative recipes. 2022 will be no different, with a greater focus on creating recipes that are healthy, tasty, and easy to make. More restaurants and home cooks will be experimenting with new recipes and flavours, and Australians will be trying out new dishes from around the world.

Ghost kitchen

Another trend that 2022 witnessed was the dark or ghost kitchens. These restaurants exist without the traditional brick-and-mortar shopfront. Many restaurants are adopting this model as opposed to reopening their doors.

Cashless payments

With the inception of various online payment apps, we are moving towards a cashless world day by day. Some of us prefer paying online or through an app than in cash. With this in mind, Australian restaurants are making a point of providing several payment options.

Food delivery

Food delivery is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and this trend will continue in 2022. With more restaurants offering delivery services, and more people working from home, food delivery is becoming an increasingly popular way to get restaurant-quality meals at home.  If you want to test the efficiency of food delivery in Australia, do a google search of “burgers near me” and enjoy a hearty burger from the comfort of your home!

These are just some of the food trends you can expect to see in Australia in 2022. From plant-based eating to sustainable food, Australians always look for new and innovative ways to eat. With the rise of food delivery and artisanal foods, Australians will have plenty of new and exciting meal options.

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